BULGED BARREL http://forum.pafoa.org/pistols-41/171586-not-all-glocks-kaboom.html Not all Glocks Kaboom! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was super lucky yesterday at the range. I was practicing moving and shooting so I wasn't completely focused on the gun operation. I had a squib round get stuck in the barrel. I thought it was just a failure to eject. I should have noticed the light recoil but I was more focused on the shooting. I instinctively racked the slide, chambered another round and shot. My gun locked halfway open, brass halfway ejected and I noticed my slide release spring was broken. I thought that was the problem. When I got home I replaced the slide release with a spare and the gun would not open to slidelock. I checked everything and it all looked good. I ripped the gun completely apart and still didn't notice the obvious problem. My barrel had a huge bulge about 3/4 of the way down. It has stress cracks all the way around. It's bulged so bad it won't fit through the slide and that's what locked up the gun. I recently started using a full progressive reloader and it looks like I need to be way more careful. I was loading without my powder checking die since it was out for repair and apparently I screwed up. After this incident I have even more respect for Glocks. Some guns would have blown apart with a stupid mistake like this. Here's a pic of the barrel.