Owner returned SR9 to Prescott last month to address the issues noted in this thread Different Kind of Barrel Peening?? UPS delivered my SR9 today, and I was pleased to read the notes that spelled out the work that was done on my SR9. It included: - barrel and slide replacement - frame replacement - camblock, trigger bar assembly, trigger bar reset all replaced - striker assembly, striker blocker & spring, striker cover all replaced - new mag latch assembly and pin all replaced - 30 rounds of black hills ammo test fired no malfs. Long story short, I got a brand new OD green SR9 with the latest Gen 3 "D" shaped mag release and all new components, all for FREE! I should be the happiest Ruger SR9 owner in the USA right!?!?! WRONG!!! Took it apart and was appalled to find that there IS NO RIFLING WHATSOEVER INSIDE THE BARREL. It smooth as a babies behind, here's pics to prove it.