Casting Alloy- Bullet Diameter is Most Important + Lube - Lead scrap or WW go in 40 lb pot over old Coleman . Clean & flux, make ingots. Give each batch a lot number. Put some in 10 lb Lee pot. Cast a few. Check diameter and use thumb nail to check hardness. If undersize or soft, add some linotype. I just melt 2" of the Rotometal ingot into the pot. You can not hurt accuracy with to hard of an alloy. When in doubt, add linotype. Lyman No 45 manual did all there testing with Lyman number 2 alloy . Use 50/50 lube on rifle or pistol. Oven heat treating bullets for a 45 acp target load only makes the barrel look funny, but accuracy remains the same in my testing with super hard bullets. Do your own testing. What you read on the internet is not always correct. Many people shoot at 7 yards and are happy with a 4" group. This says nothing about accuracy.